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Our Mission

Our mission is to co-create innovative solutions with communities, women and young people towards an equitable, just, and sustainable future.


A world where women and young people are empowered to live dignified lives


Bridge Connect Africa Initiative (BCAI) is a youth-led, non-governmental organization in Nigeria, established in 2018. Our dedicated mission is to co-create innovative solutions with young people, women, and communities, aiming for an equitable, just, and sustainable future. We employ a range of strategies, including youth and community engagement, policy advocacy, and digital campaigns, to promote youth and women's rights and development.

At BCAI, our primary focus is on gender issues. We were inspired to form this organization by the desire to bridge the gap between women and girls and their ability to fully enjoy their rights and realize their potential. Simultaneously, we are committed to empowering young people to become responsible leaders and access life-changing opportunities.

We are widely recognized for our advocacy efforts, particularly in areas concerning sexual and reproductive health rights and education. Since our inception, we have established valuable partnerships with international and local organizations, including Population Reference Bureau, USAID, UNFPA, Connected Development, Iranwo Foundation, Jobberman, and others.

BCAI, as a non-governmental, not-for-profit, non-sectarian, and non-partisan organization, remains steadfast in its mission to support development and aspirations in Nigeria, with a strong commitment to the well-being of young people, women, and communities.


Empowering communities with knowledge and skill to take action for a better future

  • Advocating for quality education for women and young people.
  • Ensuring universal access to health services and information
  • Bridging the climate change knowledge gap for women and young people.
  • Influencing policies that safeguard children's rights and foster a secure environment for their well-being.

Our Team

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Sani Muhammad

Executive Director

Fatima Musa Aliyu

Senior Programs Manager
Deborah Nkiruka Obi

Deborah Nkiruka Obi

Human Resource and Administration Manager

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